Suspension Day – Sat 12th September


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10 AM till 4 PM

In a similar vein to the last, we are holding another suspension tuning event, again at Nick’s field.

Members who think they could benefit from having their bike’s Compression Damping, Rebound Damping and (rear) Sag tweaked, may be interested in this event.

Even better than getting the above adjustments done, you’ll also be able to bombard the suspension expert, Archie, (that I, Jon Williams and some others from this club use) with all your queries you may have (about your bike’s suspension, obvs!). He will ask what your riding skill is and what type of riding you do – in order to tune your bike for you – so even though in your head you ride like Graham Jarvis (like I do) – it’s probably best to actually tell him the truth!

Before you attend, get your bike’s manual (or find it online) and copy or print the settings – most bikes are slightly different – for the ‘Static Sag’ and ‘Race/Rider Sag’.

You will also need to know your weight (the true weight, not the pretend one in your head!).

It will also be worth making a note of the front & rear’s compression and rebound settings. Basically, bring as much information pertaining to your bike/model as you can find!

Archie has a ludicrous amount of experience doing suspension for race teams and seems to know just about anyone and everyone in the world of suspension; so if (and it’s an unlikely if) he doesn’t know the answer to your questions, you can bet he knows the person who does! 😅