Dirtbike riding is only half the story

Posted on: 17th April 2017

Since late last year, the Dirtbike riding Central Bristol TRF gang have been gathering every month to learn how to get the most out our steads.  Trying to maximise riding means investing a bit of time on the spanners to make sure your ride is at its peak condition.

Dirtbike riding with trfDirtbike riding trf

If you’re new to Dirtbike riding and new to spanners, then this can seem quite daunting.  But don’t worry.

central bristol trf nico

Our resident Italian Mountain Goat (Nico) is on hand presenting ‘Spanner Nights’ where you can learn what you need to know to get the most out of your ride. From the very basics, to tyre changing, to the more advanced suspension / engine tuning and everything in between.

With over 150 years collective knowledge, you can certainly build the confidence to tackle almost anything and keep your bike in tip-top condition.

There’s a common rule of thumb.  You get out what you put in, which for Dirtbike riding means a choice.

  1. Do your maintenance out on the trail, or;
  2. Put the time in when you can plan it, do it in workshop / garage (controlled conditions) and have a team of experienced people at your side when you need them.

Dirtbike riding trf spanners

It’s completely a choice thing – ignore investing time loving your bike before rides and you WILL end up spending even more time giving it the kiss of life and / or nursing it back to civilisation when you’re miles from anywhere, in the middle of down-pour on the top of a mountain in some remote part of the country.

Dirtbike riding trf

So far the topics have included:

  • Setting up your controls
  • Oil changes / engine care
  • Filter cleaning
  • Suspension setup
  • 4CS fork service
  • Tyre changing

Backstory – Nico:

Nico joined the TRF just over two years ago (2014) on a Husqvarna 250.  He originally wanted to rediscover his teenage riding days in Italy and make friends in the process.


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