The Hafren Rally 2018

Posted on: 29th October 2018

The alert came on my phone from Central Bristol TRF Members Only, John Hewer posting… “The Hafren Rally regs are open”. Memories of the Hafren event in November last year came flooding back, the Sweet Lamb Rally Centre, the laughs, the adrenalin and the excitement were bright in my mind… gotta be done! Last year […]

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CBTRF RIDE REPORT Isle of Man 2018

Posted on: 22nd October 2018

What a fantastic experience!! Whilst attending a Trail and Enduro bike Trail with Dean Allan of Central Bristol TRF, he asked if I’d like to join CDTRF trip to the Isle of Man, which he was managing along with the support of Alcuin Wilkie. Dean said, if I wanted to go, he could arrange transport, […]

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RALLY HO! | dirt bike events with the TRF

Posted on: 22nd August 2017

WHAT could be better than taking part in my first adrenaline-filled of the dirt bike events, a two-day rally weekend in the picturesque Brecon Beacons in sunny, warm August weather? Riding at dirt bike events in a hurricane with gale force winds, sideways rain and 4ft deep puddles of course! Not to be cowed by the […]

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Green laning maps | unlocking your potential for fun

Posted on: 3rd July 2017

Green roads (or green lanes) are, in many ways, corridors to parts of the country that you would simply take the rest of your life hiking/walking to find them.  Snowdonian National Park is one such place with a scale and wonder that simply takes your breath away. Having the necessary green laning maps to ensure […]

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Dirtbike riding is only half the story

Posted on: 17th April 2017

Since late last year, the Dirtbike riding Central Bristol TRF gang have been gathering every month to learn how to get the most out our steads.  Trying to maximise riding means investing a bit of time on the spanners to make sure your ride is at its peak condition. If you’re new to Dirtbike riding and new to spanners, […]

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