Trail riding Bristol Green lanes is fun | Breaking the ice

Posted on: 22nd January 2017

Trail riding Bristol in any weather is fun.  Paul, Sean and Iain take on the the apparent frozen lands of Narnia at -2 ºC, but the skies are set fair for a ride on the dirt bikes exploring the areas in and around Bristol. If you go into the woods today, you’ll be in for a big surprise …

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Off-road biking | Corridors to a secret world in Snowdonia

Posted on: 23rd December 2016

Off-road biking on Friday 21 October.  The excitement was making my tummy churn with anxious excitement. Dirt Bike is loaded, bags are packed and all is ready for the trip to Dolgellau, North Wales.

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Trail Riding | Lucy’s maiden tour out of the green lanes of Bristol

Posted on: 21st December 2016

Trail riding Lucy’s says “Big up to the Wye Valley Crew today we absolutely smashed it! Over and over again!”

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Ubley Muddle 2016 Fun Bike Trial Event

Posted on: 30th April 2016

Fun Trial – Ubley Muddle 2016 with North Somerset MCSC and Central Bristol TRF – 30 April 2016 This fun trial event is in its 5th year and is aimed at getting people into Long Distance Trials and other events with observed sections.  

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Wickwar Dirt Biking Fun Day

Posted on: 13th September 2015

Learning off-road biking – SEPTEMBER 13th 2015 Learning off-road biking can only be fun! For the first time EVER we will be running the track IN REVERSE!  This really changes everything.  Lots of work is taking place to make this possible… so for those of you that are familiar with the track…it’s going to be a whole new […]

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