Trail riding Bristol Green lanes is fun | Breaking the ice

Posted on: 22nd January 2017

Trail riding Bristol in any weather is fun.  Paul, Sean and Iain take on the the apparent frozen lands of Narnia at -2 ÂșC, but the skies are set fair for a ride on the dirt bikes exploring the areas in and around Bristol.

If you go into the woods today, you’ll be in for a big surprise …

trail riding bristol

If you go into the woods today…

trail riding bristol fun

Bearings blown

Rider Paul’s feedback

“… All pretty straightforward. Was well slippery as you like and we all had some close ones on ice. The world is a beautiful place when the sun is as it was yesterday.

Thanks to Sean for a great ride!

No major drama’s. Oh, other than Iain’s wheel bearing failed so he had to bail and went back home without even starting.”

Backstory – Rider Profile

Paul is a veteran member of the TRF.  Joining some 200 years ago.  

“I first joined about 1986. I had been trail riding a couple of times with friends who got me into it and had ridden a couple of Phoenix LDT’s (long distance trials). Not heard of TRF but a guy I met while playing at the old Filton Coal Tip (now MOD) mentioned TRF so I looked them up and joined.

Paul hasn’t looked back since.  Loving the chance to mix things up on the dirt bikes, including riding pre-1965, trials, enduro’s and LDT’s (long distance trials).  As well as riding the Green lanes across the UK and abroad.

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green laning in bristol