Trail Riding | Lucy’s maiden tour out of the green lanes of Bristol

Posted on: 21st December 2016

Trail riding Lucy’s says “Big up to the Wye Valley Crew today we absolutely smashed it! Over and over again!”

Andy H, thanks for being deputy run leader 😉 Don Nico,  Paul Dewoop – what a last man you are a rock my friend!  Pork Pie Mike, Stephen D’Arcy here’s to our next triumphant endeavour “into the wild” in all honesty what a top today we will have to work some voodoo magic! brilliant fun.


Finally, to all those who where out there in other areas of the country grinding out the tracks ‘n’ lanes hope your suitably jacketed and ready for more!

Author: Lucy W

Backstory – Lucy

Lucy is a recent Central Bristol TRF member.  Who has grasped the opportunity with both hands to make a difference in the group.  After just 2 months she is already leading rides into the countryside’s green lanes around Bristol and Wales.

Lucy is a great example of what you can do with your Weekends.  She’s a relative newbie to off-road riding yet big in heart has shown her determination to squeeze as much life-juice out of her spare time.  Within the first month of joining she had already entered renowned Rally – The Hafren in Wales with the and took part in numerous ride outs in the Green Lanes of Gloucester with the club.

Month 2 saw Lucy volunteering to join the TRF group committee to help organise training events, and today, she’s leading groups of eclectic trail riders Bristol area.

Come join in the fun!

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