Green Lane Routes around Bristol

Posted on: 15th February 2017


After a couple of months R&R rebuilding his bike’s engine (and himself). Central Bristol Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF) member Chris donned his dirt biking gear once again to dust off the cobwebs and reconnected with the green lane routes of Bristol.

Armed with nothing more than a phone & GPS android app to double check he hadn’t lost his knowledge built up riding the lanes. He leads a local ride for the new TRF members to test the new engine.  And make sure his shoulder was up for a ride-out again.

Backstory – Chris:

green lane routesChris joined the TRF just over a year ago (late 2015) on a Honda XR.  He originally wanted to get into the Trials scene but in his words “stumbled across green lanes and the Trails Riders Fellowship”.

For Chris, two-wheeled action started in BMX bikes before getting into Mountain bikes and good ol’ C90 for messing around in the fields during his teens.  What tipped it for him was this particular video (below). Although a decade or so off his 50’s, this seemed to hit the spot.

Chris: “Every weekend is an adventure!”

If you’re in any doubt about Joining in the fun – let me leave you with his parting comment…

“… riding a bike is a true form of freedom.  You can leave all life’s ‘other’ stuff behind you.  But doing it off road takes it tgreen lane routeso a whole new level!”

By his own admission Chris was late to the party. But in all honesty, you’re never too late until you’ve stopped breathing. Crack on!


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