CBTRF Checkpoint Charlie Scatter Event – Saturday 18th June 2022


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We know we are blessed with a tonne of lanes locally, but are you a little bored of them..? If so, then get into gear for this..!
Three of our prime members here at CBTRF (Dave Ingle, John Bradwell and Jon Williams) have spent days, weeks, months… (well, a shed load of their free time, anyway) creating the Checkpoint Charlie Scatter Event!
Painstakingly placed (sneakily hidden) along the green lanes around Bristol, Bath, Radstock and Cheddar, are 28 numbered metal tags, or checkpoints. Rather than pootling along lanes you’ve pootled along a hundred times before, this time you have to actually have your eyes open and pay attention!!!
On the morning of the event, you will be issued with a printed booklet. In this booklet – for each tag – will be a portion of map showing the lane(s), with clues and hints of how to find the lane and then the tag within the lane, with a picture of a person stood by the tag’s location – e.g. stood by a tree, pointing toward the area of the tag. You still need to figure out which tree (of the 600 trees in that particular lane) and then just where the ‘tag’ has been sneakily placed!
Once located, record the numbers stamped into the tag in your event booklet (so it will help to have a pen or pencil or crayon!), and then progress to the next lane… Adhering with the true spirit of this event, no electronic navigation is allowed. Paper maps only please!
Riders ‘have’ to be in teams! Minimum of 2, maximum of 5. Don’t worry if you come alone, as we’ll arrange people into groups if necessary (as we are all nice friendly guys and gals). At the end of the day there will be a winning team (and the rest are losers 😂) but it’s going to be a non-competitive fun day, aimed at bringing together like-minded green lane / trail riders in a super-social day.
Once your team has their heads around what to do, it is worth spending some time before departing deciding how to organise the lanes into a ‘route’! Also in the spirit of things, you won’t make any friends by just following a team moments ahead of you and watching them!
We start and end at the Stothert & Pitt RFC ground car park, Bristol Road, BA2 9DJ. Booklet collection between 9:30am and 11am latest. You must return by 4pm, so the earlier you set off the better chance you have! If you have not found all of the tags, you must still be back at the start/end point by 4PM – to avoid being disqualified!
As much as we would love this to be a free event, there are costs involved – plus you’ll be helping to raise TRF club funds, and we know you are very happy to do that!!! It’s just a £15 entry fee per person.

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