Fred Cat Lakes and Trails (Treasure Hunt) – Sunday 8th October


Fred Kat (aka Dave) has organised a treasure hunt event where you locate and collect the information off metal tags that he’s placed around the local Lakes n Trails starting near Keynsham.

It’s a team (min 2 & max 5 people per team) event and each team  will be sent a map, plus a booklet showing the locations of the tags on the trails well ahead the event.

So you should plot your route before the event… but no cheating by riding them early! 😁
You win by gathering as many tag numbers as you can in 5 hours.

The winning team gets a huge trophy and each entrant gets a participant’s medal!

£10 per person for Bristol members.

Book early so as not to miss out. Riding local lanes in small groups with a purpose. Can it get any better 🙂