Shaun says no to revving Rodney’s on green lanes near me

Posted on: 9th February 2017

green lanes near me

Sheep Worrying is Serious Business

If you’ve ever wondered why farmers can get agitated during certain times of the year, here’s why …

We’re fast approaching Lambing Season (Mar-April) and being mindful of Farmer’s concerns is really important to the TRF.  People who enjoy experiencing the countryside firsthand, like ourselves (responsible dirtbike riders), rely on the good-will of many people. Not least like-minded farmer’s and land-owners.

Sharing the countryside comes with its responsibility and sensitivities which became much clearer during a recent interview with farmer Nick from West Wales.

TRF: How much does a lamb cost you, if the sheep aborts?

Nick: It varies depending on the time of year and what’s happening at the market.  But generally, Ewes (female sheep) carry 2 lambs per pregnancy and green lanes near mewe aim to get £90-120 per 42kg lamb.

… [that’s £180-240 per aborted pregnancy]

It depends on the gender too, for example, a male lamb would expect to fetch £90, whereas, the females would go to breeding sales and command much more.  A rare breed pedigree sheep could get up to as much as 42,000 guineas!!

TRF: What causes you most concern [as farmer]?

Nick: Where we live, it’s the dog walkers who don’t have the dog on a lead. We see a few green laners but they’re generally quite mindful not to scare the sheep during lambing and we tend to put the pregnant sheep on quieter fields. 

TRF: What can you do about Sheep Worrying?

Nick: The farm attracts vermin, which I control with a number of measures, including a shot-gun. If the dogs roam free and are worrying my sheep, I’m within my rights to take the dog(s) out before they destroy my entire flock [livelihood] for that year.

We’re grateful to Nick for sharing his perspective.  And also to share the message during Lambing… BE AWARE – BE SENSITIVE – BE QUIET!  

green lanes near meIf you’ve got an after-market pipe fitted, we suggest back-off revving it during this period where sheep might be in the next field nearby – the sheep don’t understand it and running scared can cause them the abort.  

The TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) want trail riding to be a sustainable activity – the TRF already has massive support from the other users of the countryside.  Let’s keep “Shaun-the-Sheep” and his many cousins feeling relaxed in their fields when out trail-riding the Green lanes near you. 

Credits: Aardman Animations.