Terms and conditions – Events


  1. Unless otherwise stated, deposits taken for an event(s) are non-refundable*. 
  2. Payment is accepted online using an approved secure Paypal service.  There is a small charge made to cover these transactions.
  3. Transactions online are under Paypal’s Terms & Conditions.

* Please bear in mind, most events involve a 3rd party (hotel, venue owner, etc).  The deposit is used to secure these resources.


In the unhappy circumstance that an event has to be cancelled.  Any refunds will be looked at on a case-by-case basis by the committee, and may be subject to the cancellation policy(s) of the 3rd party/partner.


All online transactional related data is NOT stored or saved by Central Bristol TRF.  It is only used by Paypal to conclude the payment and subject to Paypal’s own data protection policies.


Updated: 6.3.2017