TRF is more than green laning bikes

Posted on: 27th January 2017

Green laning bikes is so much more than hoofing (responsibly of course) around the countryside.  The fun starts on and off the bikes.

“Since joining the TRF, I’ve met a great bunch of guys / gals that you not only have a great banter with, but can actually learn stuff from too.”, says Alex

Green laning bikes

A sentiment seen at work during a new addition to the Central Bristol TRF club calendar – ‘Spanner-nights’.

Not some new form of deviant behaviour but a way for knowledge to be shared within the group around the whole topic of green laning bikes and how to get the best out of them.

green laning bikes

Alex testing his skills with help of 90 years of experience nearby

Take Alex, for example.  A die-hard road biker who has embraced the whole dirt biking scene.  Without having many opportunities for himself to tinker on the tools, he was (until now) a little unsure of what to do maintenance-wise, and how to do it.

Acquiring Know-how

However, as a regular to the Central Bristol TRF club ‘Spanner-sessions’.  Alex has been able to soak up the decades of hands-on knowledge from the more experienced guys within the club.  Alex has learnt quickly that by getting involved, he doesn’t have the make the same mistakes they had to!! …  That’s being smart!

Your turn

Is there something you’d like to learn about your bike?  Suspension setup, filter changes, piston changes, tyre changing techniques, mousse vs tubes, … the list is endless.  But why not get in touch and see how joining the TRF can make a difference in your social life!

Central Bristol TRF club’s purpose in life is to make trail riding accessible and fun in a sustainable way. Fun that can challenge. Fun that can be learnt, shared and enjoyed by all … as a fellowship of riders.

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