Ubley Muddle 2016 with North Somerset MCSC and Central Bristol TRF – 30 April 2016

Ubley Muddle – Fun Trial – Saturday 30th April 2016

Ubley Drove
BS40 7XN

No ACU licence required

No tyre restrictions

For more information call Dean Allen between 5pm to 8pm on 07989 466204

TRF Members Only

On-site catering

Entry Fee £12.00

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The Ubley Muddle 30th April 2016


This event is in its 5th year and is aimed at getting people into Long Distance Trials and other events with observed sections.

When I joined the TRF I was surprised that the group that I had joined either didn’t know about LDT events or felt that they were not good enough to enter one….”rubbish”. 


All LDT events are based on green roads and the sections are on them or private land.

I joined the TRF in a bid to preserve LDT events as with green roads closing each year the events were getting shorter and the Ubley Muddle was born.


The event in itself is run under an ACU permit called “Try our sport”.  This permit is issued to an ACU affiliated club twice a year.  In our case this club is North Somerset MCC.  They have very kindly run this event for us for the last 5 years. What this means is you do not need an ACU licence but we can score and run the event in a proper manner for fun.  We can announce a winner and give them a trophy.


We have a laid out track with 12 observed sections.  You are expected to do 4 laps giving you 48 marked sections.  Clearing a section with a score of zero (0) is the highest you can score, 5 being the worst.

This gives you the confidence to enter a lot in the future as you will know what to expect when entering a real event.


You ride with your mates and all we want is for you to have fun, a laugh at your fails and enjoy your successes.  It is not a race but a show of bike skills and what we see is the slower not so bike talented riders fairing a lot better than the ones that like to do wheelies and race around flat ground.  Often we have people saying what a great day it is.